Outdoor Gym

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€4 95,00

Outdoor gym for kids from 3-12 years. Great opportunity to spent a time outside from home. Different types of gymnastic accessories allow to train strength and agility skills. Dimensions 1,10x2,40 m. H=2,2m.

Design Your Own

Custom design was never this easy. You design it - We make it - We deliver. Release your inner designer. Do you want to give it a try and create your perfect wooden playtower?

Once you enter the Design Your Own zone you can easily “mix & match” which setup suits your family and garden best. Our extensive collection of climbing frames consists of 22 different play towers and playhouses that can be customised with one, two or even three of the 12 Jungle Gym modules. Each individual component is designed with attention and care, so we can proudly leave the design of the climbing frame up to you.


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