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Amazing and unique wasp repeller

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Highly effective and simply to use. Just hang it up - that it!

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How to get rid of wasps?

Waspinator is a natural wasp repellent utilising wasps’ territorial nature to repel them from the areas of your garden which you want to use. If you want to stop being bothered by wasps and get rid of wasps from these areas of the home and garden, just hang up a Waspinator and foraging wasps will think there is already a wasps nest in residence. Then they will keep well away from what they think is a real wasps nest for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders. Waspinator is an utterly effective natural wasp deterrent which will eradicate wasps from the garden areas used by humans but which leaves them free to do their work of pollinating flowers and killing aphids elsewhere.

How does Waspinator get rid of wasps?

The Waspinator is a fake wasps nest. Wasps are very territorial and will aggressively defend their nest against wasps from another colony. When a foraging wasp sees another wasps nest it will rapidly leave the area for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders. Wasps have a very long range of vision and when they see a Waspinator they think it’s an enemy wasps nest and quickly leave the area for somewhere safer, leaving the area around the Waspinator completely free of wasps. Waspinator is a wasp repellent it does not harm, trap or kill wasps, it will simply get rid of wasps.

Does Waspinator always get rid of wasps?

Waspinator will get rid of wasps found in the UK and Northern Europe, and most of those found in Southern Europe. It works as a wasp deterrent for all species of social wasp, which are by far and away the most commonly found wasps in the UK and the whole Northern Hemisphere. The main two UK species are the Common wasp and the German wasp. The same is true of most of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere. It can also work as a hornet repellent, which are becoming an increasing problem in the UK and Europe. It will work for other wasp species for which hornets are a predator. There are some wasp species which build very different nests and behave very differently, such as the Paper Wasp and the Olive Wasp found in Southern Europe, and the Cicada Killer Wasp found in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Waspinator will not be as effective on these wasps. Even so, Waspinator will still act as a wasp repellent for some of these wasps because Waspinator also resembles a hornets nest, and as hornets are predators to these species, the wasps think it’s a hornets nest and stay away for that reason.

How long does Waspinator last as a wasp repellent?

For ages, its ability to last as a wasp repellent is not reliant on chemicals or anything that needs replenishing, it is totally a visual wasp deterrent. It is made of recyclable polypropylene. It is weatherproof, and can left out all season, it can be squished up to take out with you to a picnic or the beach, and will easily be puffed up to its working shape. It is best to put scrunched up supermarket carrier bags (the really thin ones) inside and this will help keep its shape in windy conditions.

Does Waspinator really get rid of wasps?

Yes, it really does get rid of wasps. It is highly effective, and we have many unsolicited testimonials from happy (and slightly surprised) customers, you can read some of these on this website. Waspinator won the Silver Award at the 2008 DIY and Garden Show at Earl’s Court and at the prestigious Business Garden Show in Holland, and has won various similar awards in Northern America. Waspinator has just been selected as one of the “50 Best Things to Take Camping” by The Independent newspaper. Waspinator was also nominated for awards for innovation and eco friendliness at the GLEE exhibition which is the UK’s major trade show for the garden industry. We have scientific evidence and test results which support Waspinator (see FAQ Does it Work) and we have only a tiny number of cases where it hasn’t – in most of these cases it is either due to a real nest very close by (see next paragraph), or where it has been poorly sited and where we can help to make it work – Waspinator is a visual wasp deterrent and therefore must be placed in a visible position. Waspinator may not get rid of wasps in all countries. It works on all species of wasp found in Northern Europe but there are species in hotter more arid climates which are not territorial and which therefore are not frightened by the idea of another nest. Please check with us if you are in any doubt please email:

Why haven’t I heard of a wasp repellent like Waspinator before?

Because it is a fairly recent patented invention. Waspinator was launched in Canada in 2005, and was wildly successful in North America . It was introduced to the UK in 2008, and has been a real success at trade and retail shows where it has won awards and has been the subject of great trade interest from ecological groups, garden centres and hardware stores, and pest control companies looking for a natural wasp repellent. Waspinator has been the number one best selling eco product for major UK garden centre chains, and our direct websales have been wonderful. It’s still a bit new, but it can be found in most good garden centres and hardware stores. Call or e-mail us if you can’t find one locally and we’ll help, and please tell your local garden centre or hardware store that they’re missing out on the best wasp repellent there is!

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